Left & right: The Traprain ponies 7 relatives who live at North Berwick. Find out more about them by clicking on the link below:  https://www.facebook.com/northberwickponies

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or tele: 07454 655955 

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If you would like to  discover more aboutThe Moorland Mousie Trust  or donate to their work visit their website at :-


email: info@exmoorponycentre.org.uk

Telephone: 01398 323093

For further details about conservation grazing contact MMT Chairman Juliet Rogers on

01434 673109

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To contact The Exmoor Pony Society:


Tele: 01884 839930

The Moorland Mousie Trust , working with East Lothian  Countryside Ranger Service, also have ponies working in conservation at North Berwick, Scotland UK. To follow the North Berwick ponies and see the brilliant work they are doing there go to :-



Interested in volunteering for conservation work?

If you would like to get involved in volunteer conservation work in East Lothian, Scotland UK contact:

Jenny Hargreaves with the Countryside Ranger Service

Jenny will give you a hearty welcome!

You can e.mail Jenny at :-


Senior member at the Countryside Ranger Service :

Neil Clark

e.mail Neil at : nclark@eastlothian.gov.uk

If you would like to contact Laura Douglas, Ranger for Traprain, you can e.mail Laura at:


Interested in identifying butterflies?  Try these links :-



If you are interesed in wild plants try this link :-


Bee Time :-



Could you give a duck or another animal a good home? If so the Scottish SPCA would love to hear from you!

Contact them on 03000 999 999


Looking for a Dog or Cat Best Friend? Prince Ben-Skye of Traprain (see home page) recommends :-

The Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home


Tele: 0131 669 5331

Follow the Traprain ponies on YouTube :-

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Traprain Ponies at Gorse Time (this video is also at the bottom of this page) 


A Pony's Prayer of Gratitude (this video is also at the bottom of this page)


Traprain  Ponies Spring Time Fun


Traprain Pony Frolics


Traprain Ponies Beauty Parlour Time


Traprain Ponies : Pony Style Back Rubbing


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Here is a  small selection of short MMT Traprain pony videos as seen on YouTube. Bob's "A Pony's Prayer of Gratitude" is dedicated to everyone working to encourage Planetary harmony, whether through healing, education, conservation programmes - and Bob says particularly Animal Welfare! We hope you enjoy them.