(Updated July 2020)

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Interested in the historical background of Traprain? Go to "Traprain's Natural Heritage" page  by clicking on this link to discover about Traprain's historical background - and find out a really important reason the ponies are at Traprain (apart from conservation!) and the vital role they play in helping to maintain a healthy environment for us all there. 

Above left :- (April 2020). Electric fencing has recently been installed on the summit of Trapain Law by the Council. This is because archaeologists are needing to complete their archaeology dig there - hopefully with the very dry weather/pond right now they will be able to take advantage of weather conditions and complete this dig. Meanwhile the ponies have an official self-filling trough supplying water on south Traprain. Please do not attempt to touch the electric fencing. If anyone sees a pole down please tell Liz who will ensure the relevant people are notified. Contact Liz at  Thank you.   

Above right :- the self-filling trough supplying water on south Traprain. 

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Here's a group of wonderful, inspiring people who came from America in Summer 2017.   They spent some time helping to clear ragwort from Traprain - in between throwing the ball for Pony Dog Skye....!  

The 13 Pony Kings of Traprain give a Big Thank You to The Parish of Traprain for inviting them to their 6.30a.m. Summit Service on Easter Day 2016 (and 2017!). What a fantastic way to celebrate Easter! 

 The 13 pony Kings wanted to give all their friends an Easter Gift - and knew that yellow represents Easter - so here's Pony Thistle sharing his yellow gorse with you. They also decided it was very timely for Pony Bob to give you all one of his famous smiles.....! 

 14th March 2016.

Ponies had visitors today when a hang glider crashed onto the summit and fire brigade, ambulance, police and helicopter arrived. The emergency services worked really fast and efficiently when the man was airlifted away with a broken leg. Meanwhile the 13 Pony Kings of Traprain had taken themselves to a quiet area away from the summit where I found them grazing contentedly - peacefully. All of us involved with work at Traprain give the emergency services today a huge thanks for their expert handling of the accident and we all hope the man's leg heals fast!   

A selection of photos taken by Randy deKleine-Stimpson at Traprain in 2015 

 Opposite : Liz (left) with Randy & Robin : Traprain 2015

Below : Pony Bob  

               Photos by courtesy of Randy deKleine-Stimpson

 Below: Whistler (left) and Firtree (right) at the old croft walls                                     Viper, Unicorn & friends   


 MMT Traprain ponies had a visit from MMT Pony Officer Chris seen here saying hello to two rather muddy ponies! 




The ponies  had a special  invite by a local Church Easter Day to the Easter Day Service held at 6.30a.m. on Traprain's summit. Although it was a really foggy morning many people attended - a very inspiring and memorable Service. 

(Please note:  Because Traprain Law is an Ancient Monument special permission must always be obtained from our local Council prior to an Event that requires any structure to be placed on Traprain Law.  

The ponies now have their very own Pen! Admittedly it doesn't yet have a TV inside it - so they could watch the Grand National.... - but they find it a great place to socialise!   


"Stars of the Season" 

Recently Unicorn (laying down in the photo opposite) suffered a minor leg injury and although whenever the whole herd moved to a new area on Traprain they moved far slower than usual in order to give support to Unicorn, Liz noticed that Dandelion  stayed close to Unicorn throughout the few days the leg took to heal. Unicorn would always be the last pony to locate to the new area - and Dandelion would always be standing beside him - a wonderful friend.... the 13 Pony Kings of Traprain certainly understand the real meaning of "community spirit"..... 

November 2014 saw the arrival of 150 sheep on Traprain Law who stayed until the end of December 2014.  Ponies and sheep seemed very happy to be together!


Above:  recently Liz discovered 4 new guests at Traprain Law - ducks. Sadly 2 of the ducks were killed by a fox and upon realising the ducks were flightless and unable to defend themselves Liz phoned Fiona of the SSPCA to help rescue the remaining ducks. Within one hour of receiving Liz's phone call Fiona was on site crawling through gorse to rescue the 2 remaining ducks who are now safely with the SSPCA.  The SSPCA are always looking for homes for needy animals - including ducks - so if you feel you could give an animal a good home the SSPCA would be pleased to hear from you! You can contact them by going to the Contacts page - just click this link.   (In the photograph above right you can see in the bacground one of the ponies looking just a little bemused about the ducks...!).