Ever wondered what  the names of the wonderful Pony Kings of Traprain are? Here they are for you!   

Whistler -  Bob  -  Firtree  -  Thistle  -  Unicorn  -  Viper -Mistral - Tunny  -  Elmer  - Dandelion - Jessie James  - Spike  - Juglans  -  Rowan 

 (Please note : Tunny now lives very happily in Northumberland but was previously a very important pony of the wonderful Pony Kings of Traprain) 


           Traprain MMT ponies Dandelion Firtree, Jessie & Unicorn decided they wanted to be the first to go on this page!

Latest photos added are of : Bob, Spike, Rowan and Whistler 


Above : Dandelion in the foreground (with Viper-Mistral in the background) 



    Below : A slightly sleepy Firtree who has just woken up from an afternoon siesta!

       Above  : Jessie James : 

the darkest and most muscular pony on Traprain - and great friends with Whistler!

                Above  : Unicorn                                                                                                                   

                    Above: Bob taking a Chin Rest.....                                            Above; very handsome Spike, one of the tallest                                                                                                                                                                                   Traprain ponies


Above : handsome and very wise Rowan. Rowan has beautiful silver threads running through his tail.   

 Above: Whistler.  Whistler's former conservation name was  Midnight - hence a pony of many talents and names - and a pony of great insight..... 

Above: Dandelion wearing a brooch.... and enjoying gorse.                   Above right: "Do you mind not disturbing my siesta!

Above left: youngest Traprain pony Bob taking a quiet snooze - an unusual event for Bob....! 

Ponies grazing in the evening sunlight  (April 2015)

Above left: Very handsome Juglans and on the right side gorgeous Thistle, both standing near the  old croft on the west side (ground level). Thistle loves to put on a slightly "old" look  - but is one of the most playful ponies and spends many happy hours playing with young Bob!