Welcome to our new and exciting Friends of Traprain Law page!

Here's our "core Group" members  with keen interest in the diversity of life that the hill attracts. 

Pat Morris BVM S MRCVS (Retired)
Misha Norland, Founder of The School of Homeopathy (www.homeopathyschool.com
Carlos Bonell, Senior Professor of Guitar, Royal College of Music, London  (www.carlosbonell.com)
Randy & Robin deKleine-Stimpson, Canada (http://feedthebeardesign.com/2018/galleries/13/index.html) 
Frazer McDonald-Hay (www.uniformnovember.com)
Andy Broome
Derek & Margaret Barker
Elizabeth Mercer : Traprain

Here's Carlos serenading 2 horses he met while waiting to go into a Church in Norfolk. Carlos hopes to visit the wonderful 13 Pony Kings of Traprain - and no doubt will be serenading them too!

Above: Randy, Robin & Liz at Traprain
For a Testimonial from Andy & Robin just click on this link

Below : Randy in "photographer position" on the ground! 

Traprain Law is well noted historically as having been  "the centre of community life" and while it has played an important role in the historical past of East Lothian - it still continues to do so today! Our new and exciting "Friends of Traprain Law"  Group has been created to reflect that "spirit of community life". 

There will be a quarterly Newsletter featuring up to date information regarding the hill and producing "features" on the wonderful characters that enjoy the "freedom of the hills" - both humans and ponies alike! The 1st Newsletter will be published in August 2020.
 But we would also like to hear from you - because its our local and wider community that brings the hill truly alive. Our Newsletter aims to bring us all together through highlighting the interests that draws you to the hill. It has visitors from abroad and we frequently hear from them telling us their visit continues to inspire their thinking as they go back to their own countries.  Whether your interest is in hill walking for relaxation, seeing the ponies, being within Nature, archaeology, spirituality, meditation, art, geology, flora and fauna, photography, rock-climbing,  keep-fit, anything that inspires you  - please write in and share your stories with us.  We have the community, we have the hill - our Newsletter is reflecting the joy of bringing us all together.  

To contact us and to receive the quarterly Newsletter just e.mail us at :- bob@traprainponiesofexmoor.com  

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Friends of Traprain Law